Buy Seroquel

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Buy Seroquel

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Ung. lapidis calaminaris Saturninum. Cer. calam. 5 j, extr. Saturni 5j ; for burns. *- Ung. catechu. Catechu 3iv, alum 5ix, res. fl. 3iv, ol. oliv. 5x, water q. s. : a good application to ulcers in warm climates, as the fat and resinous ointments of the colder countries have a bad effect. Pommade de veratrine. Veratrine gr. iiij, prepared lard 5j : used in rheumatism and gout. Pom. avec l'hydriodate de potasse. Hydriodate of pot- ash 5ss, ppd. lard 3JSS : used in scrofula and swelled glands. Pom. d'hydriodate iodure de potasse. Pom. d'hydriod. de potasse 5JSS, iodine gr. iij to xiij : stronger than the plain pom- made. Pom. avec. l'iodate de Buy Seroquel zinc. lodate of zinc 5j, ppd. lard 5j : used also in scrofula. Pom. de proto-iodure de mercure. Proto-iodure of quick- silver gr. xvj, ppd. lard 3JSS. Pom. de deuto-iodure de mercure. Deuto-iodure of quicksilver gr. xvj, ppd. lard ^jss. Pom. d'o^i. Gold divided by quicksilver gr.j, ppd. lard 5ss. Ointments. 497 Pom. de mdriate d'or-et-de-soude. Sodo- muriate of gold 1-lOth of a grain, ppd. lard 5ss : used in venereal ulcers. Common oil of mace, Unguent, macis. Macis, ol. palmse, ana lib. ; beat to a paste, add beef marrow melted 3lb. Styrax colata factitia. Bals. Tolu 61b., bals. Peruv. lib. 8 oz. 2. Gum. benzoin. 8lb., styr. liquidae 6lb., bals. Tolu 31b., bals. Peruv. 2lb., gum. flavi N. S. W. 71b., S. V. R. 6 gall. ; let them stand for a fortnight, strain, distil to a proper consistence : about 12 pints of the spirit is Buy Seroquel consumed; what comes over will serve for the same purpose another time : produces about 24lb. 3. Gum. styr. 3lb., gum. benzoin. 6lb., bals. Tolu 2lb. 4 oz., aloes Socotr. 12 oz., S. V. R. 6 gall. ; digest three or four days, and add bals. Peruv. 6 oz., ol. olivse opt. 4 oz. Galbancm colatum reductum. Galbani col. veri 71b., picis Burgund. 31b., tereb. Venetae 2lb. 2. Gum. galb. 2nd 14lb., sagap. 71b., ol. tereb. lOlb., tereb. Venet. 4 oz. 3. Galban., tereb. Ven., ana 12 oz., ass. foetid. 5 oz., resin, nigr. 2lb., aquae 3. s. 4. Galban. 50lb., tereb. venet. 5lb., resin, nigr. lib.; pro- uces 49lb. Terebinthina Chia factitia. Balsami Canad., resinae flavae, ana p. aeq. 2. Tereb. Buy Seroquel Ven., res. fl. ana lb. ij, bals. Can. 12 oz. 3. Res. fl. 561b., rape oil 1 gall., water 2 gall., ol. tereb. 2 gall. Styrax liquida reducta. Styrac. liquidae 1 oz., bals. Tolu 21b., S. V. R. q. s. Styrax calamita factitia. Ras. guaiac. 2lb., gum. benz. pulv. 6 oz., .sang. drac. 5ij, fine bone black 5jss, bals. Peruv., S. .V. R. ana q. s. Poix jaune, Poix de Bourgognc. Melt perrosin, take it from the fire, and add spir. of turp. to reduce it to the proper consist- ence. FOR veterinary MEDICINE. Blistering ointment for horses, Ung. episprnticum equi- num, Ung. laurini, ung. samb., ana lib., canthar., cuphorbii, ol. origani, ana 8 oz., Merc. coir. subl. 5j. Buy Seroquel 2. Pic. Burgund. 12 oz., tereb. comm. 5 oz., canthar. 10 oz., euphorbii 1 oz., axung. pore. lib. 8 oz., aceti comm. 8 oz. 3. Un^ laurini Buy Seroquel 4 oz., ol. ongani 1 oz., canthar., euphorbii, ana 5ij. 4. Ung. viridis lib. 8 oz., euphorb. ^ij, ol. origani 1 oz., canthar. 2 oz., tereb. comm. 15:oz. 5. Cantharides half an oz., oil of turpentine 1 oz., hogs' lard 4 oz. ; mix. Buy Seroquel 6. Oil of turp. 1 oz., add gradually oil of vitriol 2 drachms, hog's lard 4 oz., cantharides 1 oz. ; mix. 7. Tar 4 oz., oil of vitriol 2 drachms, hogs* lard 2 oz., oil of origanum half an K K 498 XIII. OILY COMPOUNDS oz., cantharides 2 oz. ; mix very carefully. 8. Hogs' lard 4 oz., oil of turp. Buy Seroquel and Spanish flies powd., of each 1 oz., mix. 9. Hogs' lard 6 oz., oil of rosemary 4 dr., oil of origanum 2 dr., corrosive sublimate 1 dr., (dissolved in spirit of salt 2 dr.,) Spanish flies powd. 6 dr. ; mix. 10. Hogs' lard 6 oz., Venice turp. 4 oz., bees' wax 2 oz., yellow resin 1 oz. : melt together, and when cool- ing add oil of origanum half an oz., cantharides 3 oz. : if it grow too hard in winter, soften with oil of turpentine on a slab. Mild dressing for canker in horses. Tar 8 oz., oil of vitriol 1 oz. ; mix. 2. Tar 8 oz., verdigris 1 oz. ; mix. 3. Honey 3 oz., dist. verdigris 1 oz., alum and bole of each half an oz., vinegar 4 oz. ; mix in a gentle heat. Digestive ointment. Hogs' lard and strained turpentine of each 4 oz., verdigris or blue vitriol 1 oz. ; mix. 2. Yellow basilicon 4 oz., oil of turp. and red precipitate finely powdered, gf each 1 oz. Buy Seroquel ; mix. 3. Ointment of nitrated quicksilver 4 oz., oil of turp. 1 Buy Seroquel oz. ; mix. 4. Hogs' lard and common turp. of each lib. ; melt and add verdigris 2 oz. : stir till cold. Ointment for fistulas in horses. Ointment of nitrated quicksilver 4 oz., oil of turpentine 1 oz. ; Buy Seroquel mix. 2. Yellow basi- licon 4 oz., oil of turpentine 1 oz., verdigris half an oz. : mix. 3. Oil of vitriol 1 oz., add cautiously oil of turpentine 2 oz. ; when mixed, add turpentine and hogs' lard of each 3 oz. Ointment for grease. Hogs' lard 4 oz., white lead 1 oz. ; mix. 2. Hogs' lard 4 oz., palm oil 2 oz., olive oil 1 oz. ; melt together, and when cold add extract of lead It oz.
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